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Take recording and strip it into separate tracks,

Strip a recording into multiple tracks, using some professional, built in methods as well as allowing the user to define the properties, for which each track should include upon being stripped.

Properties such as pitch, tone, bass, treble, vocals, as well as properties that pertain to each of these, like range, noise, depth, balance and other things.

Then strip it, with everything sorted the way you want or go back and make tweaks until it is what you want.

You would also be able to do the same as above, for things you don't want, by taking what you defined above and inverting it and removing everything that is around your selection, basically like in a paint program.

Problems can be easily fixed by overlaying tracks, where the track that overlays the primary is transparent, like in a paint program, accept where you have touched something up, added, deleted or replaced.

Anthony Mathews , 25.01.2013, 22:23
Idea status: under consideration


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